Over the next few weeks I’ll gradually introduce concepts of my world view, or rather “reality” view. I find that putting my ideas in writing solidifies them, and this will be the first time I put about 16 years worth of thinking down into paper. I’m the type of person that is inquisitive about the world around me, and my reality view has constantly changed based on the information to which I’ve researched and been exposed.

I started thinking about what reality actually is, when I was about 10 years old.┬áBack then, I didn’t have much information to go off of, but over the years I gradually added to that information, and at times completely turned my back on some pieces of information. Now I have a pretty solid hypothesis of what reality actually is.

My “Theory of Everything” is definitely not a scientific theory. A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. So the title is just a catchy name that rolls of the tongue a little better than “My Hypothesis of Everything.”

Though, it is just a hypothesis (or prediction) based on my belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ, my knowledge of evolution by natural selection, and my limited understanding of science and logic.

In the words of Derek Kidner, I’ll say that my Theory of Everything is an “exploratory suggestion…only tentative, and it is a personal view.”

My Theory of Everything Part 1: Dream Metaphor ┬╗