I have some really good movie ideas, that I’ll keep to myself, and then I have Transformers quality movie ideas that I’m willing to let go. There are some others too – comedies – that a good Christian wouldn’t make for the sake of conscience, and I’ll debate whether or not to share those in the future.

This is a dream that I logged right after I woke up on March 19, 2008. I don’t normally log my dreams, but this was an exception, because of how cool I thought it was at the time.

*     *     *


Something terrible happens to society, but I can’t be sure what it was. I’m living in a walled city, and we’re barely eking out an existence since the collapse. There’s a big explosion outside the city limits and shortly after, Monsters start invading from out of town. Our city becomes infested with these things and they are violent and try to kill us.

As a town, we come up with a plan. Due to their sheer number we can’t defeat them, so we lure them into the city, seal it off from the world and escape.

For months we go about our normal lives, though the conditions outside the city are pretty bleak. One of us goes back into the city at night to get a generator and some fuel, but doesn’t return and the sun is almost up. After a couple hours before sunrise, I go in after him, but I’m surprised to find that everyone in the city looks like normal humans. Still a bit apprehensive, I skulk about the shadows as the sun comes up, but as I watch these few people on the streets, they’re exactly like normal humans, speak English, and everything seems safe. A few people see me in the shadows, and continue about their business. Rather than look suspicious, I decide to walk out of the shadows in the open. Still, I blend right in. I start to think that maybe these people were the monsters that we thought we saw, and fought, but they were really humans. Maybe there’s something in the air, or the water that made us hallucinate. Maybe it had something to do with the explosion outside the city.

The sun rises. As soon I step into the light, everyone freaks out and says, “Monster Monster!”, and they scream and run, while others begin attacking me. I escape into one of the buildings. It all makes sense now, I realize that there is something going on in the city that makes the inhabitants perceive outsiders as monsters. I’m in a bad situation though, because the building I’m in is sealed off and surrounded by these people so I can’t escape.

Meanwhile the man I went in after has already returned to the group outside the city, and explains the situation to them. As far as he’s concerned, the city is now full of humans. Maybe in the few months the monsters left. From the intel he gathered that night while collecting the fuel, these people were just from another neighboring city wandering around when they found this one.

With conditions outside the city so bad, he convinces the original inhabitants want to go back, and when they do, they look through their binoculars and see the “normal humans” and are relieved, and continue on into the city.

So they all start going back into the city, before I can warn them in detail of the effects, but its too late. The city inhabitants see monsters invading their city and freak out and organize their militias to kill them all. Slaughter ensues and the “old inhabitants” don’t know why, but realize they did the same thing months earlier.

My building that was once surrounded is free and open now that the militias are in a full scale war with my group of people. I see a little girl from my group screaming on the street, and I quickly grab her and hide with her in a different house. We watch the carnage, and I realize there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

By the end of the day, the little girl and I are the only ones left of the original inhabitants. We are able to escape the slaughter and hide in the dark where we are perceived as “humans”. We encounter a lady and her husband in the shadows and ask for help. Since we look normal I explain to them the entire scenario. Then I place my hand in the sunlight and though it still looks normal to me, they gasp. They believe me and are willing to hide us in their home. The city goes into Martial Law because of the epidemic, and because they couldn’t find me after the battle, they conduct house to house searches. It seems at this point that they know we “turn human” in the dark, but don’t realize we were never monsters to begin with.

Me and the girl are forced to hide in the woman’s husband’s office under the desk. It seems like we are there forever. We are told the “police” are gone and can move freely around the house again. The woman makes us each separate hiding places in her home.

Eventually the woman can no longer hide us and we have to go on the run. We go back outside the city. When we leave the city, the people chase us and we flee to an abandoned factory. Our pursuers die and me and the girl are left to fend for ourselves. Movie ends. I turns out the entire beginning of my “dream” was a movie directed by Shia LaBeouff and I’m sitting in a theater for the movie premier, and everyone in the theater loved it. It was even better than I am Legend. Dream ends.

I release this screenplay synopsis to the Public Domain. All I ask is that you invite me to the movie premier.