In November of 2015 I started a software development company called Aeeiee, like “A.I.”

This company, as well as my wife becoming pregnant with our second child that same month (unknown to me until Christmas Eve), and my daughter now at an age that requires much more attention, have reorganized my priorities quite a bit.

The things I’ve posted about in 2016 haven’t been things I’m particularly interested in writing about. In fact, out of my nine posts since November, I’ve only really been interested in about three of them. Then March, April, and May, I just stopped. There was just too much going on to be writing blog posts.

Before March 2016, I’d attempted to post one article a month at least, and since November 2015, rather than writing anything “new” I’d been going back to my drafts folder (I have 82 drafts as of writing this) to dig up anything that was worthy of publishing, or only needed a few tweaks before publishing. All that, just to get out a post for that month.

Many of those 82 drafts are ready to go, but just aren’t out because I’m purposely censoring myself (long story). That Arizona vs. Germany post I published on June 29th, I originally wrote on January 8th.

If not digging in my drafts folder, I was blazing through an article from conception to launch in just one day. This will no longer happen.

Big changes are coming to, and I’ll save that for another post.

In the meantime, here are some of the things I’ve been prioritizing over this website. These are both ideas that I’ve been sitting on for years, and never got around to until now. In fact, I have both real and digital folders called “ideas” where I document and organize all my various business ideas in order of difficulty. I chose these two, because they required the least amount of investment, for the most amount of reward.

Dress Measurement iOS app

Part of my business model is to generate income streams not just from clients who want me to build and manage their websites, data, and software, but from my own intellectual property (IP) that can generate income direct from consumers.

Dress Measurement is an app designed to target the niche markets related to custom/bespoke clothing, sewing, tailoring, and eventually online shopping. The app is both for people who buy custom clothing, as well as business owners who manage their customer’s measurements.

It’s been a month since the app was launched, but it was only this week that I found the exact match for my app. There are “custom clothiers” here in the valley that will drive direct to your home or business to measure you out for the custom clothing you order. They target wealthier clients who can afford such luxuries, and my app is about to make their lives a whole lot easier.

They just have to know that Dress Measurement exists, and I have a strategy lined up to reach them.

The app is free, based on the freemium model. You use the app for free with ads, or you can use in-app-purchases to pay $1.99 to remove the ads forever. This way those that like free apps get a free app, and those can’t be bothered with ads have a way out, and at the end of the day, Aeeiee gets paid. A man’s gotta eat.


That blurry obscured thing on the left that says, “In Progress,” that’s CTG.

This is a secret app I’m working on related to time management and combating procrastination. Many are familiar with the work/rest patterns of many timing apps, or the Pomodoro system.

My app is similar, but aims to game human psychology by giving you an intangible reward at the end of every work session. No, it’s not something as trivial as “points.”

You just worked for 25 minutes straight, so now you get 1 point! Feel better? Share your 1 point on Facebook, so you’ll be the envy of your friends. “Hey everyone, this guy just worked for 25 minutes straight and earned 1 point!”

No, it’s nothing like that at all. I’m here to game human psychology and use the parts of your mind that love ___________ against the parts of your mind that are lazy, intimidated, and scared.

If you complete the work session, you get the reward, and you’re inspired to keep going. If you don’t complete the work session, you don’t get the reward, AND it’ll frustrate the heck out of you.

This app is going to be pay to play. Probably right at $0.99, with in-app-purchases as well. You’ve got to diversify your app portfolio, as not everything can be freemium. In this case, I believe free would actually make the app perform worse with consumers. This app is about human psychology, and I’ve got to use what I know about human psychology to market it.

Everything else

I’m still doing websites, and metrics, and backups, and IT support for various clients, and that does take up much of my time.

There’s also another secret “hobby” (to use Apple’s language) that will launch before CTG, but it’s going to be an exclusive beta to a select few, so not worth mentioning in detail on here. If the beta goes well, it’ll go from “hobby” to “project” and then maybe I’ll talk about it one day.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Trying to make my world go ’round.