Author: David Ovienmhada

The Verdict Everybody’s Talking About

The George Zimmerman case has sparked up a ton of emotions recently. I think what pains me most about the story of Trayvon Martin is that something very similar happened to me, but by the grace of God, it didn’t end the same way. So when I see his face on the internet or TV, I think to myself, “That could have been me.” My Story In the summer of 2005, I had just graduated from high school and was enjoying my summer vacation before college started. It was July, and the only time of the day it was cool...

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My Theory of Everything Part 1 – Dream Metaphor

« Introduction Have you ever had a dream? If you’re a human being, I’m guessing you have. From the time you were a child, some things should have been readily apparent to you: Nothing you dream about actually happens. When you wake up you’re right back in the same bed you went to sleep in. You remember who you were before you went to sleep. You don’t go to sleep named Jim and having 10 fingers, and wake up named Sandra with 12 fingers. Keep that in the back of your mind. Now have you ever thought to yourself...

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My Theory of Everything – Introduction

Over the next few weeks I’ll gradually introduce concepts of my world view, or rather “reality” view. I find that putting my ideas in writing solidifies them, and this will be the first time I put about 16 years worth of thinking down into paper. I’m the type of person that is inquisitive about the world around me, and my reality view has constantly changed based on the information to which I’ve researched and been exposed. I started thinking about what reality actually is, when I was about 10 years old. Back then, I didn’t have much information to go...

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Your Interpretation of the Bible is Not What’s Inerrant

I grew up going to Christian Private Schools. I was taught every kind of Christian propaganda you could be taught. Some of it I bought into, some of it never made any sense to me. I came to realize over the years, that I didn’t agree with a lot of what I was taught. A lot of it didn’t match what I actually read in the Bible, nor could it hold up to rigorous scientific scrutiny. Rather it was political propaganda to gain votes, money, and control over people. Much of it is a knee-jerk reaction to popular culture,...

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A Story Filled with Juice, Bleach, Belts, and Nigerians

When I was eight years old, I woke up early one saturday morning, like I always did to watch cartoons. It was 6 am and I took a cup of red fruit punch down to the family room and happily drank it as I watched Mega Man. I was not allowed to drink fruit juice in the family room, but my parents were asleep, and I thought I could get away with it, so I decided to drink it anyways. Saturday morning cartoons were always a treat, and I could get a bit excited at times. One of those...

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