Author: David Ovienmhada

Donald Trump is a Sign and a Wonder

How I feel right now is how I imagine the guy felt who was trying to figure out whether or not his buddy’s idea for a social networking site, where you “tweet” out 140 character blurbs about random stuff, was going to be a billion dollar idea or not. “Ya bro, 140 characters! It’s gonna be huge! We should be partners!” “Sorry my dude, I’m just not feeling it. Who in the world is gonna want to be limited to 140 characters?” “You’re gonna regret it! One day an NBA player is going to say, ‘I just ate an...

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Are some cultures better than others?

It depends on how you define the word “better” and it depends on your values. The best definition of culture that I could find on the internet was on The sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. Culture is transmitted, through language, material objects, ritual, institutions, and art, from one generation to the next. This is what I mean, when I say culture. You can have a family culture, a religious culture, a societal or national culture, and even an academic or scientific culture. This is not an argument about race, ethnicity,...

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The Five Step Hollywood Guide to AI and Transhumanism

Science fiction in film isn’t always about fiction. Lately, much of the genre is about a writer using the latest scientific discoveries as an oracle to peer into one of many possible futures. Sometimes what’s possible is meant to frighten you, other times it’s meant to inspire. During the Cold War, sci-fi was about annihilation. It was always World War III, or war with Russia. You saw nuclear wastelands in Mad Max, and oil being a precious commodity. You saw Russian paratroopers invade rural America in Red Dawn, and you saw M.A.D.1 play out in WarGames. After 9-11, we saw movies about US involvement in the...

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Why Did South Carolina Secede From the United States?

If you hadn’t heard, there’s been an ongoing debate about the Confederate flag flying on government property in South Carolina. The debate garnered national media attention and political pressure, after an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by a young white man who murdered nine black bible study members in Chareston, South Carolina, in what’s being called a “politically motivated” killing. The suspect can be seen posing posing with the Confederate flag and spitting on and burning the American flag in photos found on a website police identified as being registered in his name. The same website had a written manifesto where he...

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We Never Got ’90s Closure

Has there been something eating you up on the inside? This thing you’re always on the cusp of realizing? Maybe it entered your mind for a fleeting moment, and then disappeared into the ether. You might think to yourself, “Later; maybe when I’m on vacation in Maui,” or “I really ought to take a week off and just be lazy and catch up with those,” or “Maybe one episode a day till I’m done.” Yet, it never happens. The first step in finding a solution is admitting there’s a problem, and the problem is that I (and possibly you)...

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